Tax Reform

During the 2009, 2011 and 2013 legislative sessions, John stood firm in his support for Nevada’s citizens during the trying economic times when Nevada was still recovering from the worst recession in decades. He voted against raising payroll taxes on small businesses and stood against increasing fees to register vehicles.

As the 2015 session unfolded, and Nevada’s economy continued to improve, John worked with his colleagues in the Assembly and Senate, as well as with the Governor, to create a tax structure that better reflects how the state has grown during the last few years. Many businesses operating in Nevada (but are based outside Nevada) don’t pay much if any taxes, while Nevada’s small businesses seem to continually see tax increases. John worked with Republicans and Democrats to craft a more broad-based business tax that will ensure all businesses operating in Nevada pay their fair portion of the revenue needed to keep Nevada’s education and social services programs adequately funded. He ensured that individuals and small businesses, who are responsible for about 60 percent of net new job growth in Nevada, didn’t face significant tax burdens by exempting the first $4 million in revenue from the new commerce tax, and exempting the first $200,000 a year in payroll from the modified business tax.