Education Reform

Nevada continues to rank close to the bottom in education, and in 2015 Session the legislature finally addressed the issue of adequately funding education so that we can see more students graduating from high school, better prepared for a job or for college.

But John knows that just increasing funding won’t mean higher test scores and better graduation rates. That is why John joined his colleagues in demanding that an increase in funding be tied to sign significant education reform. There were several bills passed designed to improve test scores and graduation rates for our students. He was supportive of measures that allowed the state to take over failing schools, provided funding for a program that will get students to read by third grade, and created Education Savings Accounts that gives parents the ability to move their children to a different school or provide them with tutoring or other resources to help their children succeed. John also supported over $300 million in new revenues targeted to specific education programs that have shown to improve educational standards in other states.

John was instrumental in the passage of SB119 that provided bond funding for Clark County schools to help maintain and upgrade many older schools.

John knows we need to ensure our educational leaders follow through on their promises that funds will be spent as directed, and that the programs are providing the expected results. John has worked diligently to ensure the state and Clark County educational leaders are doing just that.

John will continue working to hold the Clark County School District accountable for every penny they spend. Every session, the Clark County School District screams for increased funding to pay for more programs that never seem to solve their problems. John has a different approach. He will work with the school boards and administrators across the state, and especially here in Clark County, to see just how the increased funding and reform bills that just passed in 2015 are working. Only by closely watching the school districts and making sure they are held accountable, not only for spending but also for the results they get from that spending, will we ever see any significant improvement in our graduation rates and test scores.