Protecting Our Children

John has consistently authored bills and fought diligently to protect our children.

In 2015, John was instrumental in getting legislation passed that eliminated the imposition of a life sentence without the possibility of parole for youth under the age of 18 who are convicted a crime.  After minors are charged, they wait for a trial date for as long as two years. In that time, the defendant may progress from a minor into adult. This causes problems with regard to sentencing. John’s bill, AB 267 addressed that issue and had broad support from the law enforcement and legal community.

John has made protecting children from sex trafficking a high priority for the past three sessions.  He was helpful in passing AB 214 in the 2015 session that increases the penalty for those who continue to repeatedly solicit children for sex.  He co-sponsored AB153, which is known as the safe harbor bill that provided protections for sexually exploited children in Nevada.

In 2009, AB 380  was passed to allow the court to impose substantial fines of up to $500,000 on any person convicted of pandering or of prostitution of a child. The law designates that 100% of the money will go to help the victims of such crimes. Because of John’s hard work and powers of persuasion, the very criminals who prey on our youth will now be funding the programs to help get them off the street.

In 2011  AB 6 was passed that allows victims of trafficking to petition the court to have their judgments of conviction vacated, giving them a second chance at a normal life.

AB108 passed in 2015, built on John’s 2011 bill, AB6, to allow a court to grant a motion to vacate a judgment if the defendant was convicted of trespassing, loitering, or soliciting if the defendant was a victim of sex trafficking or involuntary servitude.

John continues to monitor the outcome of these bills and will continue to sponsor efforts to reform oversight of youth services being offered by state, counties and cities.