Be A Voice

This is a copy of the letter I sent my Carson City peers, inviting them to attend the various human trafficking awareness events in Carson City.


Dear Colleague,

In the coming weeks there will be hundreds of bills that will come before you for consideration.  There will be money bills, there will be policy bills, and there will be bills that you will support and bills you will not support.  However, there is a relatively new category of bills. Bills that protect, defend and save the bodies and souls of children.  The children in these bills are the victims of Human Trafficking. They are bought, sold, rented and abused in ways that would make you cry.

Nevada has traditionally received poor marks in our efforts to address this scourge.  However, should you decide to support and vote in favor of these bills and forward them to the Governor for his signature, Nevada would be in the vanguard of states that want to show the world we will not tolerate the continued victimization of children.

Please, “BE A VOICE” against Human Trafficking.

“BE A VOICE” for these victims.

“BE A VOICE” in the support of these bills.